Reduction linoprinting: full colour

Example: “Whitby Solstice Sunset”
Final sole edition of 25 prints, size: 38 x 25cm.

Completed print Printed seven times from two Linoblocks: generally, lighter colours are printed first, then progressive overprinting with darker tones.
Block A: Sky and Sea – printed in three reduction-cut colour stages.
Block B: Lighthouse, Pier and cliffs – printed in four reduction-cut colour stages.





Block A – First printing – Colour stage one, reduction cut one (white areas cut away) Two merged tri-colours* – 36 copies printed

* Blue, yellow and red inks are applied to the inking roller, rolled out onto a glass slab until they merge, then rolled onto the upper half of the cut linoblock. Roller reversed and inking repeated for lower half.




Block A – Colour stage two, reduction cut two (more white areas cut away). Transparent blues to print over colours of first printing.








Block A – Second printing. Result of printing stage two transparent blues over stage one colours.









Block A – Colour stage three, reduction cut three (more white areas cut away). Dark blue & muted green to print over second printing.








Block A – Third printing. Result of printing stage three dark blue and green over second printing.









Block B – Lighthouse, Pier and cliffs, reduction-cut four times. Fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh printings for full tonal range.


























Blocks A and B combined – Seventh Printing to achieve finished result – a final sole editioning of 25 prints and 4 artist’s proofs.









Final state of Linoblock A after reduction-cut three, for third printing of dark blue & muted green (above).